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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Heading out of town for a few days...

I'm heading to Chicago for a few days, so the blog will be a little quiet. I'll try to post the recipe for the pumpkin spice muffins I made to take with me and the butternut stew when I get back.

Traveling as a vegan can be a little tricky, but traveling as a vegan with allergies is very tricky. I bring with me a knife, utensils, big bowl, small seal-able container, frozen foods, food safe hydrogen peroxide to wash fresh food, and a cutting mat. I'm packing 2 soups, frozen into bricks and packed into a small cooler, quinoa, muffins, nuts, and nori (for wrapping salads). When I get there, I shop for a little fresh produce.

I'm not going to have spare time, but if I can find a way to get to Karyn's Kitchen, I definitely will. I am really going to miss Annie and Lance.

Be well. Recipes will resume in a few days.

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