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Sunday, October 10, 2010

This Blog is Going Vegan

10/12/2010 After reviewing feedback (which is appreciated, even if scathing), I did a lot of introspection. The content of this blog will be and is vegan. I do not promote the consumption or usage of animal based products or products that have been tested on animals. I do my due diligence when purchasing my own house care, personal care, food, and clothing products. I take pride in my honesty and felt I should be upfront. I know there are a lot of people out there who label themselves as vegan to appear enlightened and just aren't either. I do not label myself as vegan. It's not because of what I eat, wear, or use - my ethics just aren't always in line with the real vegans out there. I felt the distinction should be made to avoid misleading anyone, not because I wanted to offend people with statements considered to be anti-vegan. So by all means, consider me a flexitarian on a strictly plant based diet with vegan tendancies. Now let's get back to the food!

After careful consideration, I've decided to go 100% vegan on this blog. I have a vegan diet and the vast majority of my recipes are vegan. In the interest of full disclosure, my husband and my dogs are not vegan, so those of you who like labels shouldn't call me a vegan because of association, despite my dietary, personal care, and clothing choices.

I chose a vegan diet because of health reasons. At 30, I have arthritis, allergies, and several other health issues related to inflammatory responses. Animal products make my symptoms more noticeable. After much research, I can't agree with how the vast majority of animals that end up on our dinner plates are raised, fed, medicated, or slaughtered. I also can't believe I ate shellfish or pork (there is a great reason for them not being kosher at all). I don't know if I'll ever change my mind or write a recipe book down the line that is not vegan. In fact, I'm pretty sure I will collaborate with a friend on a book that has recipes that are vegetarian with conversions to vegan. I am one of those people who started for health reasons, and continued because of research - which probably makes me more prone to waffling on the subject. I admire people who are dead set in their convictions, but the world is not black and white anymore to me. I just can't view a fish as my equal and don't view consuming them as morally repugnant. Now genetically modifying them and feeding them soy and corn - that's disgusting to me.

As it stands, I choose to prepare and consume vegan meals. They tend to have less allergens than non-vegan meals, and there are plenty of places everyone can go to get meat related recipes that are gluten free. That aspect of meals tends to be the easiest to convert once an allergy is discovered. I also would like to avoid alienating any readers because of one recipe. Until further notice, this blog will have vegan content.


  1. good to know the recipes will all be vegan. i had a devil of a time converting vean recipes to gluten-free and gluten-free to vegan. so it's nice to have ones that fit both my categories.

  2. The reason there is confusion about what vegan means is that it is so often co-opted by people who describe themselves as vegan before a disclaimer about not being really truly vegan. The word describes an ethical position -not a diet; a philosophical stance concerning justice and equality for those who suffer needlessly -not a health regime. Why not use "plant-based", "allergen-free" (meat,milk, and eggs are all allergens), "flexetarian" or "vegetarian/strict vegetarian"? All those describe purely dietary positions. You obviously get that vegan is clearly defined, that you are not vegan, and yet you offer the label vegan knowing full well you are not using it appropriately. Why the disconnect? If I had a self-touted feminist blog, wouldn't it be silly to admit to misogyny and still claim a feminist stance? "Welcome to my 100% Feminist blog. For those of you who like labels, I do beat my wife occasionally, and I don't think women should be able to vote, so don't call me feminist."

    You used the label, knowing it to be inaccurate. Why? Vegan was coined to avoid the confusion surrounding "vegetarian" and the inclusion of secretions and flesh in it's usage. Do we really a need a new word to replace the word that was coined to replace a word that was co-opted by carnists? Use it right or don't use it, please. To be clear, this blog is NOT VEGAN! It is a flexitarian's blog on plant-based dieting for health.

  3. A blog is a thing. There are words, recipes, pictures. These recipes are vegan. I don't mind you labeling me, a person, as flexitarian. You have every right to form whatever opinion you may. I don't think it's fair to compare me to a person posing as a feminist who actually beats their wife.

    As you said, "Vegan was coined to avoid the confusion surrounding "vegetarian" and the inclusion of secretions and flesh in it's usage." I believe it is still appropriate to label the blog as vegan because the term describes the content. I do not promote consumption of animal flesh or byproducts by any means.