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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Flying Apron Review

This weekend, Lance and I went to the Flying Apron in Fremont to do some "Market Research" and we grabbed a selection of baked goods. I've been working on several cookie recipes and wanted to see how they compared to the Flying Apron. We purchased a chocolate chip cookie, ginger wheel, apricot thumbprint, peanut butter chocolate cupcake, and a vanilla maple cupcake - which wasn't what I ordered. I asked for a cherry chocolate cupcake.

On the way to the restaurant, we had to leave Champ and Annie in the car. We were just picking up "to go", but you'd think they were being abandoned for life the way Annie carried on. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised to find her scrunched up on the back seat against the rear window.

Lance and I got a plate and a knife and cut little bites of baked goods to sample. We had mild tea and water as a "palate cleanser." It was almost official looking. First were the cookies. The cookies we got were definitely not the cookies I remembered. The cookies I remembered were rounded, hard cookies with a distinct bean flavor. I remember the first time Lance tried them he scrunched up his nose and made the "yuck" face. These cookies had perfect cookie texture and were very tasty. There was only a slight taste that we noticed at the very end that was "gluten free", but I doubt people would notice it if they weren't looking for something.

The chocolate chip cookie was quite good, but I preferred the ginger wheel cookie. There were nice big chunks of crystalized ginger in the cookie. Next we moved on to the apricot thumbprint. Not our favorite. Distinct bean flavor, and the apricot would benefit from more lemon zest or something to perk it up.

Cupcakes were next. The peanut butter frosting was fantastic. The chocolate cupcake was a little oily and dense, but definitely good. A good combo. The vanilla maple cupcake wasn't my favorite. I liked the maple flavor, but the bean flour kind of snuck up at the end. The frosting was good, but not as good as the peanut butter.

If you're going to the Flying Apron, I would recommend the cookies or chocolate cupcakes. I still like the cinnamon rolls as well. I find the atmosphere very pleasant and homey. The staff is usually on top of things; this is only the second or third time in a long string of orders that something was incorrect.


  1. The only thing I really "like" at Flying Apron are the chocolate chip cookies. I REALLY like them, though I notice they are crumbly and have a sandy character. They are also enormous so I usually share mine. I've also had the pizza, and though a little dry, it was tasty.

  2. Hmm...yeah....I wonder if they use a big grain sugar or something.