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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lydia's Organics and Columbia Gorge Organic Product Reviews

Thursday was a long day. I got up at 5 AM to get ready for work and make it to the early bus, and I stayed over an hour later than usual at work to train employees. Not usually a big deal, but the evening bus took about 30+ minutes longer to get home than projected because of traffic and I had miscalculated the number of calories I brought to work . I was in "hangry" mode. If the word "hangry" is new to you, I'm happy for you. A pregnant friend of mine found the definition and embraced it: Hungry to the point of being angry and/or frustrated.

I walked in the front door and my husband said, "Uh oh." Poor Lance. He knows what I look like when I'm hangry and he quickly came up with a plan to go to Whole Foods to pick up something easy. Hangry passed and I went into the zombie stage midway through the produce section. Zombie stage is bad because I stop recognizing the difference between the food that is on the diet and the food that is not (diet meaning low carb; I don't compromise on the vegan aspect). Zombie stage is kind of good because I'm not snappy...just spaced out and giggly like the stoners in my high school classes. They never made sense when they spoke, and I imagine that's how I probably sounded in the checkout line at Whole Foods - a step away from blowing spit bubbles.

I decided to stick with my low carb diet and get a green juice and some kale chips.

Lydia's Organics Mega Green Kale Krunchies.

Typically I make my own kale chips, but these kale chips are something I'll happily have on hand in the future for hunger emergencies. They had a nice flavor with a surprising little spicy kick. The major pluses for me were that they do not contain yeast, cashews, tomatoes, or other ingredients I tend to avoid. The only critical comment I have is that they must fall apart a bit during shipping because the large pieces quickly disappeared and the majority of the bag was little crumbs that were very messy to eat.

Columbia Gorge Organic Just Greens

I am not always a big green juice fan, but lately I've been craving them more. The label had me a little worried because mustard greens and collard greens were listed as ingredients and there wasn't any fruit to balance the bitterness. It seems as though they must use a lot of celery and cucumber (with a pleasant hint of parsley) to balance the greens out. I wasn't overwhelmed at all. The label boasts that the two servings in the bottle are equivalent to 2 pounds of fresh produce. Downside: The juice is flash pasteurized, so it's not exactly raw.

It doesn't seem like these two things would be filling, but with a handful of macadamia nuts, I slipped out of my food coma and was able to function again until bed time.

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