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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vegan Mofo Day 9: Flying Apron and Ginger Maple Dressing

Seattle Vegan Bakery Review

Today was a bit long and I'm more than a little bit tired, so this will be a short post. This morning I stopped by The Flying Apron on the way in to work. Actually, it wasn't so much a stop by on the way as it was me getting bored of sitting in traffic. I'm glad I did. I haven't been in the shop in a while. My favorite cinnamon rolls were just as good as ever and I decided to pick up a kombucha while I was at it. I had never had the kombucha brand before and was sorely disappointed to discover (after drinking 3/4 of the bottle! Arg!) that it was not vegan (raw honey) and it had ingredients like "Natural Coloring" which is made from who knows what. I really hope the bakery starts brewing their own kombucha. I should have read the label because it is a good practice to keep when you have allergies and they do offer dairy for their espresso/coffee. The brand wasn't that great - I'll stick to Chaco Canyon and Synergy I think.

You will have to excuse the photographs - they were taken with my cell phone. Flying Apron does have some mighty tasty gluten free vegan cinnamon rolls. The one I grabbed was still a little warm, and it was easy to eat at my desk. How they get such a yummy glaze on those rolls, I guess I will never know. Actually, I probably already have the recipe in the cookbook I purchased written by the owner of the Bakery, so I will have to check that out. I do enjoy many of their items and the frosting on their cupcakes and cakes is amazing. Some of the recipes are heavy on the garbanzo bean flour, which is a taste I don't particularly care for, so I tend to stick to my favorites there. The staff is always very helpful and friendly. There was a time when my husband and I lived in the neighborhood and were recognized regulars.

On to the recipe...

Sunday I purchased some wonderful looking arugula at the Sunday Farmer's Market in Capitol Hill. I whipped up a quick dressing to go with it, mixed in some romaine and mushrooms, and we both had huge salads with our dinner.

Ginger Maple Dressing
1/2 tsp fresh grated ginger
3 Tb sesame oil
2 Tb maple syrup
3 Tb coconut vinegar
pinch of salt

This is a very simple dressing that just requires some grating (ginger) and a quick whisk before pouring over your salad. It pairs very well with the peppery bite of arugula. I would play with the proportions to suit your taste. This may be a bit too sweet for some, so I would up the ginger and vinegar.

Time for me to go to bed. Crossing my fingers and hoping this post makes sense...


  1. I have had those cinnamon rolls. Those and the scones are probably the best things they make. I need to get my hands on their book just for those recipes.