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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Reflections and Resolutions

2010 Reflections

We gained a new family member. Annie came into our lives on August 1, 2010 and has been full of attitude and humorous antics ever since. Just this afternoon I noticed her trot by with a mouth full of spinach she raided from our grocery bags.

A rare quiet moment on her first day home

Daddy's little girl

We had a scare with another family member who is still here today snuggled up on his bed, visiting from my family's house. Champ had mast cell cancer, and a nasty scar after surgery . The scar has healed nicely and he has been much friskier than even two years ago.

Champ a few days after surgery with a tough looking scar

Champ several month later with a much better looking coat
and more energy to keep up (and away from) baby "O"

My brother made my family very proud by becoming a PGA certified golfer and successful student after surviving cancer. He's back home after completing his degree, busy being a daddy.

It wasn't a great year for my health, but it wasn't the worst. I made a commitment to veganism that went beyond health, and I'm still learning more about environmental and ethical impacts of consuming products made from animals. I discovered my passion for food and that I want to make a career out of it someday, and I started this little blog.

Food blogging has become a popular pastime, to the extent of annoying people according to some recent articles. There are millions and millions of food bloggers, and sometimes I feel like a tiny whisper in a sea of foodies. I had to believe I have something unique to offer. I have been eating for better health while maintaining superior quality and taste. I grow tired of lowering expectations for gluten free food. My food is uniquely allergy conscious beyond just gluten free, and I hope people enjoy the recipes and find them to be tasty. I feel they are improving over time, and I am looking forward to expanding my collection in 2011.

Some of my favorite recipes this year:

Crispy and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

2011 Resolutions

I have 3 major areas I want to focus on this year that are relevant here... Photography, content (more recipes included!), and a bakery or other means of distributing tasty, gluten free food.

My photography has slowly been improving. I can tell the sweet potato donuts and crepes were photographed earlier in the year. I want to continue to improve my eye and editing skills. I should work a little more on my writing skills as well and look into enhancing content in relevant ways.

I want to expand my recipe collection to accommodate a rotating menu and continue to learn how to incorporate seasonal vegetables and fruit into my cooking whenever possible. Baking is the most challenging area to master and it's my passion, but there are plenty of other dishes that are unique and delicious. Meal planning can be difficult for people with allergies, so offering more options across the board (breakfast, easy lunches, and dinner) is something I plan on doing.

I will come up with a business plan and try to keep pursuing a meaningful career in the food industry that will help others with allergies and gently educate people about the benefits of vegan and ecologically conscientious consumption.

Happy New Year! I hope it is a fabulous year for you all!

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  1. So excited about your business idea! It's been fun reading your blog this year. There are a lot of food blogs out there but the people that stick to it eventually stick out, because I think a lot of people get overwhelmed and quit. So just keep at it.

    Sorry about Champ's cancer. He and Annie look like they could be related. Here's to a happy and healthy 2011!